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Works For Me….

As a long-time guest teacher, I’ve developed a huge collection of tips and hacks for a smoother running classroom when the regular teacher is away. Feel free to copy and use the above image as an incentive when all scheduled classwork is completed [and you’ve checked, too]. I let the kids work in partners, and you can set a timer if you like. This activity works best for me with grades 2 – 6.


Endangered species?

cursive writing

This is a re-post, as I believe in the power of cursive……..

The above image of the alphabet is something I hardly see taught anymore—writing in cursive style. The kids that I work with  daily overwhelmingly do not posses the handwriting skills that had been drilled into me as an elementary student. Taking this practice away because of keyboards is like taking away math computation because of calculators. Therefore, the over-emphasis on electronics and social make writing by hand seem obsolete.

But the good news is—it’s NOT. Being equipped with this skills helps the kids have a better handle on written expression, and critical thinking, skills which extend beyond the classroom.

I’m told that we “don’t have time” because the focus of the day is on literacy and math primarily, and something like cursive handwriting skills are considered hardly necessary.

I’m making the case for families to help out more at home by:
investing ust 10-15 minutes a day to help your child in proper letter
formation, and the best posture for comfortable, more legible handwriting.

It doesn’t have to be  Palmer Method perfect, but with consistent practice, patience, and gentle praise along the way, there can be a difference made.