Monthly Archives: December 2013

Yes, Virginia, There Is………..


That famous line about whether or not there is a Santa Claus is just how I felt when I’ve spent the last few weeks as a guest teacher where there are no:

  • food fights
  • physical fighting in the classroom
  • paper-ball throwing  and/or balling up black sheets just for the heck of it
  • blurting out impulsively
  • being called a profane name
  • cross-talking above the teacher’s voice 95% of the time

Yes, there is now at least ONE school in my bag of gigs where I actually use my “teaching skills”—that is, engaging students in discussions, facilitating independent work, and allowing the class to be proactive, with decent results.

Have I been dreaming?

It seems that this school has always kept a very heavy home/family involvement, and anything negative behavior-wise was just not accepted. With such high expectations in place, the kids know how far they can push the envelope, and it’s rare when one does.

There are those glitches, of course, like any school. But the biggest “problem” I’ve encountered overall is talking above a Level 2—which is a conversational tone. Can you imagine?

So, I’m very grateful to have experienced several weeks of relative educational sanity. It will be a welcome mental respite when I have to go back to the “Real Classrooms” of my city……☺