So That’s Why………

In my primary-grade classes, we use crayons in much of our work, and the kids really seem to enjoy that aspect of Spanish time. Many of them don’t have crayons at home, so school was the place to express budding artistic talents. But it was quite perplexing that there was an unusual amount of broken ones.

I noticed especially the kindergarten and first graders had lots more when I collected at the end of class. So on Monday, I asked one little boy why he thought  this occurred so much. Was it just being vicious? Or a lack of respect for the property of someone else?

He told me with a straight face, “Ms. __________, when the crayon gets way down to the paper, we want some more color, but we can’t get to it. But if you break it in half, there’s more.” So there it was–their own version of necessity being the mother of invention. Their lack of patience and still-developing finger dexterity wasn’t  enough to peel the paper from the crayons, so they just broke it, and voila!, more color was revealed!


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