Monthly Archives: September 2010

¿Que haces? – What’s happening?

The new school year has brought about some major changes in my daily work schedule—the biggest one being that for now, I’m back at my longtime, regular school—in the position as the Spanish teacher for the school.

Fortunately, I am bi-lingual, and have had experience with teaching in an ESL setting, so I’ve seen both Spanish and English  from both sides.  It does means a lot more work, and having to be more creative in presenting Spanish as a second language to urban school children.

However, it’s been more of a pleasure than a pain.

For one thing, these kids only get exposure to the language once a week, for roughly 35 minutes. That’s hardly enough time to learn a few phrases, so the key is repetition, repetition, and more repetition.  They want to learn, but are not patient with themselves to give the process time, and memorization is another topic altogether.

However, there is a bit of progress being made, albeit small, and I just hope this weekly meeting will encourage many of them to take Spanish more extensively  in high school


A New School Year, A New Look

It’s a new school year, so I thought it was time to give tis blog an updated look–just like that September ritual of new school supplies, and lunch containers. It’s a cleaner, more fun appearance, and I hope you like it….let me know!