A New Generation of Viewers

      Working with a small-group of upper-grade students, I was  directing the task of reading a short piece about the late comedienne, Lucille Ball.

       Much to my surprise, hardly any of the kids had ever seen “I Love Lucy” reruns, although the show has been around for 59 yers!

       On the other hand, they were way too familiar with cable shows that dealt with cheating, teen pregnancy, police violence, and every lyric to countless music videos. But the genre of “comedy” didn’t even register with them. Since they hadn’t heard of her, one of the first questions asked was, “Is she dead?” followed by “Why do we have to know about her?” The onply positive comment was from a girl who said she’d like to have her hair in that carrot-top hue.

      This only shows that the classic sitcom that was the touchstone for many a Baby Boomer has no connection for these kids, and many of their families, as well. Sitting around a TV, laughing over a too-fast moving conveyer belt of chocolate is just so 1970’s……..


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