Writing Well–An Afterthought?

  Writing well, and with clarity seems  a skill overlooked  in city junior high grades.

    Realizing that an inordinate amount of  time is given over to anything but instruction–classroom management, paperwork, and other sundry matters, it’s a major challenge  to teach writing skills that will make a difference in academic performance.

    Looking at some 7th and 8th grades posted student work, I was truly disheartened at how ill-prepared many students are when it comes to expressing themselves on paper.

     It seems that the classes were assigned to write their experiences at a high-school fair for prospective students. The following examples were actually placed on a bulletin board as examples of “proficient” work, misspellings and all:
                                         ****                  ****                          ****

  “At the high school fair their were….    {male student)

“They even had people their passing our applications….”   (female student)

“I saw and learned about high school that never cross my mind. Their where all types of high schools……”  (female student)

     If this was an indication of “acceptable work,” what did the rest of the papers look like? How can we expect young people be driven to improve their skills?


One response to “Writing Well–An Afterthought?

  1. Pitiful! Just pitiful!
    So, this is our future. Dismal!!!
    But they can recite the rap crap and love off key singers.
    My proposal to correct all of this would be frightening to the liberals in the crowd.

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