Profanity as Poetry?

    It’s very sad when students speak profanity as easily as a jump rope rhyme.

     When an 8th grade female student that I had for the day used an unacceptable word in asking a question, she was reprimanded, and an apology demanded.

     She didn’t feel she’d said anything wrong, and asked, “Do I need to apologize? This is how I talk.” Pressed to make restitution to the teacher, she haltingly said, “I’m sorry for my misusable of grammar.”

     I asked if the offending word was “grammar,” to which she replied, “I said ‘misuable’, totally ignoring her error.

     Along with that, she didn’t think the profanity she uttered was all that bad–this is what’s heard throughout a number of  upper grade classes as a matter of course. Moreover, when it comes to speaking with right usage and clarity, too many of the kids don’t think they need to. That’s right–I’ve met way too many young teens who don’t see the connection between success and cuss-word free expression.


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