Monthly Archives: May 2009

Urban Battleground

“Bang!” People screaming, “Who got shot?” and other things like that.

Those are the words written by a 12-year old 6th grader at one of the schools I regularly work at. Continue reading



“We must teach our children to resolve their conflicts their conflicts with words, not weapons.”

                                                         —Bill Clinton
                                                            former U.S. President

Mixed Messages

One trend I’ve noticed is the mixed messages some schools send–on one hand, we’re supposed to teach the kids about proper nutrtition and food choices. But when I get to the cafeteria and see what’s being offered, like pizza, canned corn, and chocolate milk, it makes me wonder. Continue reading

What It Takes

Teaching is hard, of course, but guest or substitute teaching is in a class by itself. Working successfully in this field not only requires a love of children, but one also needs a thick skin and quick-thinking skills to navigate  an ever-changing variety of classrooms, grades, lesson plans, the kids, other teachers, administrators, and school food.

Like a well-trained athlete, I’ve learned to field all of the above in order to make two things: a day’s pay, and a difference in at least one young life.